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26 | Julie Kinscheck | Delighting in Music

Julie Kinscheck, a talented musician, shares her testimony, faith journey, and love of music with us!

25 | Toni Coughlin | The Journey of a Mom

Toni Coughlin shares her journey from single motherhood to marriage to raising a blended family and the perspective she's learned along the way.

24 | Audrey Mbani | Our Prize From Christ

Audrey Mbani shares how her journey through the French-speaking world led her to her husband, and recounts the challenges and blessings of starting a family with him.

23 | Kim Walters | A Problem Needing Solving

Kim Walters shares how the pressing need of gaining clarity on where to get married led her and her family on a faith journey that has now lasted 28 years.

22 | Carrie Travis | Searching For Meaning

Carrie Travis shares her journey to find meaning in college and how a trip to CVS changed everything.

21 | Jay & Carolyn Grasso | Strength in Weakness, Strength Together

Jay and Carolyn Grasso, longtime members in our Northeast Region, share wisdom from their parenting and marriage, and how God brought them together to form an unlikely partnership.

20 | Danny Ahl | Two Answered Prayers

Danny Ahl, who was baptized recently at Salem State, recounts how God was there for him when he needed it most and answered two life-changing prayers.

19 | Peter Rothschild | God Found Me At MIT

Peter Rothschild recounts his pursuit of truth as an MIT grad student and how he finally came to faith in the resurrection of Christ, as well as his current pursuit of spiritual discipline and self reflection.

18 | Marvin y Madelin Sandoval | Haciendo a Dios el Centro

Marvin y Madelin son parte del ministerio en español de nuestra iglesia. En este episodio ellos nos compartirán su caminata con Dios y como la decision de ponerlo a Él en el centro de su familia y de sus vidas los ha ayudado a enfrentar todos los retos que la vida les ha presentado. Esta es una historia de mas de como nuestra fe y convicciones pueden ser pasadas de Generación a Generación.

17 | Gaby Guity | There And Back Again

In this conversation with the wonderful Gaby Guity we discuss the ups and downs of her faith journey and her perseverance through loss in her family.

16 | The Lamb Family | Faith Then, Now, and Ahead

We had an amazing conversation with Roger, Marcia, Mike and Kristen Lamb about their journey of faith, what they've learned in their time in this church, and their vision for the next generation of Christians in our fellowship.

14 | Karina Suarez | Dios de justicia y protector

Conversación con Karina Suarez. Karina es parte de la región sur del ministerio en español De la Iglesia de Cristo de Boston. Ella es una joven chilena que tiene un gran testimonio de como Dios ha sido su justicia y protector.

13 | Maurice & Michelle Perry | Faith is a Journey

Maurice and Michelle Perry, who are family group leaders, Elders in training, worship ministry participants, and great parents in the Metro Region, take us through the twists and turns of their faith journey and their hopes for the future

12 | Lucas Suh | Searching for Truth

Lucas Suh, a member of the Downtown ministry, shares his faith journey and search for truth, his love of one another relationships, and his current pursuits to build the church for future generations.

11 | Jayne Bartlett | Persevering With God

Jayne Bartlett shares her love of worship ministry, her experience joining our church as a student at Salem State, and her journey of perseverance through health challenges in the years since.

10 | Dana & Theresa Schmitz | God Never Gives Up

Dana & Theresa share how they found love later in life, their love for worship ministry, and how they keep faith amidst health challenges.

9 | Jason Poliarco | Let's Do This!

We had the pleasure to interview Jason Poliarco, who joined our church with his wife five years ago and is now leading a fruitful family group in the Southern Coastal region. He shares his inspiring faith with us, driven by a heart that meets new challenges with "Let's do this!"

8 | Sharon DuBois | The Heart of Hospitality

We speak with Sharon DuBois, an Army veteran, animal rescue facilitator, and Air Force employee who has an amazing heart for service and sharing God's message with others.

7 | Howard Loree | Using Your GIfts

We speak with Dr. Howard Loree, an MIT alum and research scientist who recounts his time in the Boston church and shares his deep passion for serving in the kingdom of God.

6 | Firmeza Ante las Pruebas | Gladys Valeriano

Las pruebas y el sufrimiento son parte de la vida, y todos necesitamos una base solida para permanecer firmes cuando esas pruebas y sufrimientos llegan a nuestra vida.

5 | Mark & Lisa Schnell | From Buffalo to Boston

We sit down with Mark & Lisa Schnell, who are elders in the Northeast Region of the Boston Church. They recount their experience coming from a traditional church of Christ in Buffalo to the Providence and Boston Churches of Christ in the late 80's and how God captured their hearts during that time.

4 | Milagros Inesperados | Conversación con José Padilla

Los milagros siguen ocurriendo todos los días, la mayoría de las veces cuando menos los esperamos.

3 | Thecla Gordon | Clinging to God

We sit down with Thecla Gordon as she recounts her journey through family tragedy, hardships, and mental health challenges while meeting it all with faith and renewed devotion to God.

2 | Fe Sin Fronteras | Familia Rodríguez

Our first Spanish episode! Nuestro primero episodio en español con Hilario y Lucia Rodríguez. Presentado por Alberto Machuca.

1 | The Shaw Women | A Family of Faith

We sit down with three generations of Shaw women: Jeanie Shaw, Kristen Gonet, Melissa Miller and Emma Miller to discuss growing up in a Christian household and facing life’s challenges with faith as a family.